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Waverly Woods

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Waverly Woods


Waverly Woods is a playground masterpiece, seamlessly integrating four high-quality overhead climbers into a single versatile play system. These various pathways empower children to scale and explore as they wish, guaranteeing accessibility from every angle, making it a shared joy for multiple kids.

These climbers offer an excellent source of upper body and agility exercises while presenting unique challenges. The Overhead Horizontal Ladder, a beloved playground classic, serves as an instant attraction for kids visiting Waverly Woods. Adding a twist, the Overhead Horizontal Snake Ladder features alternating turns, encouraging children to switch hands while they ascend.

For those with shorter reach, the Overhead Rung Ladder comes with hanging shapes and lower bars. And for a truly distinctive challenge that tests their strength, the Overhead Single Parallel Bar awaits. Waverly Woods is an adventure that caters to the diverse interests and abilities of young adventurers.