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UltraLeisure Style Park Bench With Back

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UltraLeisure Style Park Bench With Back


A day at the park is intended to be a relaxing and fun experience but sometimes visitors need a break and require a nice place to sit. The UltraLeisure Style Park Bench with Back can provide your patrons with a comfortable and relaxing place of rest to make your venue that much more enjoyable. It is constructed from heavy-duty, nine-gauge metal that will handle the capacity of your park visitors. The diamond perforations molded within the metal allow for it to have a light and breezy look. This metal is painted in Webcoat’s durable thermoplastic color coatings that will guard against fading or chipping due to outside elements. Additionally, this makes it easy to clean and maintain. A wide range of color options is available, providing you the opportunity to match it to your park fixtures or theme. You may also choose your length preference between 6 and 8-feet. There are three mounts to choose to best fit your needs. A portable mount can be seated on most surfaces, in-ground mounts are best for dirt grounds, and a surface mount is ideal for concrete surfaces.