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Timmy Truck Bouncer

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Timmy Truck Bouncer


Perfect for little ones who love to imagine themselves behind the wheel, the Timmy Truck Fun Bounce is tailored for children up to the age of five. Positioned atop a spring-like base, this product offers the flexibility to be either surface-mounted on your playground or buried underground. It provides a gentle bobbing motion, both up and down and side to side, allowing children to enhance their balance while enjoying a playful experience.

Featuring spinning wheels and a design resembling a typical truck, this playground toy is a beloved choice for both boys and girls. To ensure safety during playtime, a sturdy steel handle is placed on the front of the Timmy Truck Fun Bounce, providing children with a secure grip and minimizing the risk of injuries. Bring joy and balance development to your playground with the delightful Timmy Truck Fun Bounce!