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Recycled Plastic Sport Bench

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Recycled Plastic Sport Bench


The Recycled Plastic Sport Bench is the perfect bench for the outdoors, whether it be at a park or a school. With its inherently backless design, the bench can be approached from either direction allowing it be placed near a wall or in the middle of an open space. Both back and front edges have been smoothed to a gentle, rounded shape that gives the user a comfortable feeling against the backs of their legs, especially in short weather. The bench's overall weight is only a fraction of the weight that its metal counterparts would be making it easy for it to be pulled or lifted to new locations. Its light-weight design comes from the fact that its made from Resinwood, which is a type of recycled plastic. In addition to being light-weight, it hides most surface scratches and is an environmentally-friendly piece of equipment for an affordable price.