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Recycled Plastic Newport Bench

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Recycled Plastic Newport Bench


The Recycled Plastic Newport Bench manages to be one of the most comfortable options for outdoor public seating on the market while boasting a surprisingly cost-efficient price. It is made entirely from Frog Furnishings specialty tri-blended recycled plastic, which is incredibly durable, requires no maintenance, and most importantly helps the environment by repurposing a significant amount of plastic that would otherwise take up space in landfills. Although the materials are recycled, the design is completely original. The seat and back of the chair are made from 2” x 4” plastic slats which are contoured maximize comfort and support. The slats on the edges have a beveled bullnose shape to eliminate almost all sharp corners on the structure. The Newport Bench can be ordered in four, six, and eight foot lengths, making it versatile enough to install in any available space and accommodate large numbers of people. Cedar and gray colors come standard and ship quickly, but green is also optional with an additional one to two week wait time.