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Player Bench without Back

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Player Bench without Back


Participating in sports is a great way to exercise and get healthy. However, too much exercise in some sports could be harmful. It’s important to have some rest time in between plays, so every sporting event needs at least one high-quality players’ bench on the field and in the locker room. Having a portable team bench allows the players to stay off of their feet and store up their energy, so when the time comes, they’re ready to make some quick points. And at AAA State of Play, we have sports benches that are sure to help you score points with whoever controls your budget, thanks to our low prices.

A backless portable sports bench like these is great for taking a break as well as providing a stable object to assist with some pre-game stretches. When you’re shopping for a team bench, portable options will often work best, especially for multipurpose athletic fields, but we also offer this sturdy bench with in-ground, surface, or wall mounting for added stability.

This fixed or portable sports bench comes in 6-foot, 8-foot, 15-foot, and 21-foot sizes, is built on 1 7/8-inch OD pipe legs, and stands 17 inches high. The bench seat is made with a 10-inch-wide aluminum frame. If you opt for the portable model, the base will feature 2-foot-wide supports, and plastic floor protectors will also be included. Most of our portable bench seats ship by freight, but 6-foot models ship by UPS Ground.

Each players’ bench we carry is durable enough to stand up to whatever rambunctious young athletes can dish out, but you won’t have to pay premium prices for premium quality, as we strive to make every product we sell affordable. We also offer custom options for nearly every product we sell: Just contact us online or by phone to get a free quote. At AAA State of Play, we’re experts on a wide range of play equipment, from benches and balls to swing sets and slides, and we would be glad to put that expertise to work for you. Let us help you purchase the right products for your play space today!