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Perforated Style Park Bench Without Back

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Perforated Style Park Bench Without Back


Give your visitors a place to sit down, relax and take a breather with the Perforated Style Park Bench Without Back by Webcoat. This backless bench allows maximum freedom of placement due to its slim configuration. Further customization to a specific location is available by a range of color choices for both the powder coat painting on the bench’s frame and the thermoplastic covering on the seat itself. You could choose colors to complement the natural landscape, or pick hues that sync up well with your restaurant’s signage. No matter the site, occupants’ comfort will be enhanced by the rounded edges of the seat which reduces the annoyance that comes from resting legs against harshly angled corners. This unit’s punched steel design helps reduce the commercial-grade furniture’s weight and permits cooling airflow. The perforated surface then helps reduce maintenance, as your bench will dry quickly after exposure to rain, and can make sitters feel cooler. The Perforated Style Park Bench Without Back is built of a sturdy 2 and ⅜-inch steel frame and can be purchased as a portable, in-ground mounted, or surface mounted version.