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MyTCoat Honeycomb Steel Sport Bench without Back

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MyTCoat Honeycomb Steel Sport Bench without Back


The Honeycomb Steel Sport Bench without Back is a bench designed for athletics and built to be as strong as your players. This durable bench is made from commercial-grade steel materials and features a sturdy seat supported by two thick legs. The seat has a pattern of circular holes as well as a specialized thermoplastic coating, which prevents water from gathering on its surface. This keeps it free from rust and dry for your team to sit on, no matter how rainy the weather and sweaty the players. This thermoplastic coating is available in a wide selection of different colors. This makes it the perfect way to show off your team’s spirit by making the bench match your team colors. Ask a sales representative for more color options. The bench can be installed with a permanent in-ground mount or surface mount, which keeps it from getting moved or knocked around. But for a convenient seat that you can take with your team on or off the field, we also offer portable mounts.