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MyTCoat Honeycomb Steel Park Bench without Back

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MyTCoat Honeycomb Steel Park Bench without Back


The Honeycomb Steel Park Bench without Back is a bench that is designed to fit a variety of situations. It has a range of different mounting options that allow it to be permanently installed on any surface. Alternatively, a portable mounting base allows it to be moved around with ease. There are different lengths available, making it easy to select a bench that is perfectly suited for both high and low foot-traffic areas. A diverse spectrum of different colors is available so that you can choose the color that matches the theme of your location or the color scheme of your other site amenities. The seat is made from a sheet of durable steel with punched circular holes cut into it in a tidy pattern. All of MyTCoat's products come with a choice of durable coating which protects your bench from the rain while keeping it from getting too hot or too cold. Contact us for more details and color options.