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MyTCoat Expanded Metal Bench with Square Posts

Outdoor Escapes Co.

MyTCoat Expanded Metal Bench with Square Posts


The Expanded Metal Bench is one of MyTCoat’s most impressive designs, with a fortified structure that is built to withstand just about anything. Unlike the thinner legs used by other benches, this outdoor furniture unit employs a thick pair or resilient square columns capable of supporting occupants of all shapes and sizes and handling years of habitual use. These robust columns are nearly impossible to bend or damage, and their thickness and square shape make them impervious to pipe cutters. The economically designed frame uses a duo of cross-beams to support the seat, each of which is capped to prevent water from accumulating inside the steelwork. This bench is easy to assemble and install and the unit can either be cemented in place with in-ground mounting hardware or bolted directly onto surfaces that are too hard to dig through, such as a cement sidewalk.