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Los Achilles

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Los Achilles


Meets National Standards for

 ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Kids of all ages will embark on thrilling adventures with the Los Achilles play structure, scaling to the top and racing down the double slide. Designed to cater to both younger and older children, it offers a range of exciting activities, including sea-creature and ocean climbers, as well as a pod climber, providing dynamic play options. The Los Achilles boasts a safe and spacious layout, perfect for friendly races to the bottom and back to the top. With interactive features like the gear panel, rain wheel, and bench panel, it accommodates children of diverse interests. Quick shipping options are available in neutral or primary color palettes, with additional choices in other palettes. The ground-level rain wheel ensures ADA compliance, making it inclusive for children of all abilities. Los Achilles promises years of adventurous fun and unforgettable memories for kids.