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Large Adaptive Swing Seat

Outdoor Escapes Co.

Large Adaptive Swing Seat


At Outdoor Escapes, we take pride in providing not only fun but inclusive products. Our High-Capacity Adaptive Swing Seat is designed to offer the benefits of a typical single-bay swing seat, with a specific focus on supporting both adults and children with disabilities. Often, these groups struggle to find play equipment tailored to their needs. Among our most sought-after designs, the High-Capacity Adaptive Swing Seat comes complete with hardware, chains, and a harness. This inclusive alternative, specifically designed for 8-foot bays, caters to a diverse range of users, including adults. To accommodate this seat, an 8-foot high swing bay and an unimpeded 96-inch wide top rail are required. Explore our Single Post and U Frame Adaptive Swings, perfectly crafted to complement the Adaptive Swing Seat.