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Hickery Cricket Bouncer

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Hickery Cricket Bouncer


Sporting a friendly smile, Hickery Cricket is no ordinary grasshopper; he's crafted for timeless fun! The Hickery Cricket spring ride comes just as depicted - green with support from a vibrant red spring. This captivating playground ride comfortably accommodates two small children. It features dual handholds for added safety - Hickery's antennae serve as one set of handles, and an integrated handle and back support behind the front seat enables the child at the rear to maintain a secure grip.

Hickerys's front two pairs of legs act as stable platforms, facilitating easy boarding and preventing slipping during the ride. A modern twist on a playground classic cherished for decades, Hickery Cricket effortlessly mounts to nearly any surface with basic hardware. These spring rides stand out individually and seamlessly complement other spring rides from Qitele and other leading manufacturers. Crafted from smooth and durable materials, designed for longevity, Harry Hopper is destined to remain a playground favorite year after year.