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Harmony Haven

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Harmony Haven


Meets National Standards for

 ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Introducing the Harmony Haven Play System – a vibrant and compact activity center that brings a burst of colors and the joyful melodies of music to your play area. Featuring a semi-enclosed space with four panels covered by a Leaf Roof, this delightful shelter provides a cozy spot for kids to enjoy playtime. The Gear Panel within this area offers versatile entertainment, whether inside the shelter or outdoors. Accessible through a convenient entrance between the Store Panel and Gear Panel, it also boasts a hidden entrance/exit via the Curved Crawl Tube, adding an element of excitement for children exploring its mysteries. Additionally, the Drum Panel and Bongos facilitate collaborative play, allowing children to create captivating rhythms that resonate throughout the playground, enhancing the overall experience for kids of all ages.