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Funky Frog Bouncer

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Funky Frog Bouncer


When it comes to the Funky Frog Fun Bounce, it's not just about being green; it's a whole lot of fun! Pre-kindergarteners will be thrilled to hop on and embark on imaginative adventures with Filbert. They can take a dive into swampy waters to mingle with tadpoles beneath the surface or hop along the forest floor in search of a dragonfly dinner. Wherever your child's imagination leads, Filbert is there to transport them on his froggy back as they bounce around.

Funky Frog features a comfortable molded green plastic frog seat, a heavy-duty spring, and a secure mounting plate, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. As a considerate frog, Filbert even comes with a handle on his back to keep his little preschool companions securely in place as they bound between lily pads in the world of make-believe. So, hop to it and enhance your playground with the delightful Funky Frog Fun Bounce today!