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Cryptic Canyon

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Cryptic Canyon


Meets National Standards for

 ASTM F1487-17 CPSC Guidelines #325

Introducing Cryptic Canyons, a colossal playground structure from our Fully Accessible series, thoughtfully designed for inclusive play. Accessible via three wheelchair-friendly ramps, the elevated platforms offer a seamless experience with wide paths and gentle slopes for comfortable ascension. Three large, hexagonal platforms are adorned with a variety of engaging activity panels, including educational and multiplayer games. These platforms provide ample space for wheelchair users to navigate and enjoy activities with friends. The structure also features 8 Pod Climbers as an alternative pathway across the lower platforms, along with two small upper platforms boasting a Double Slide and a 76-inch Spiral Slide. Connected by a towering Mega Pixel Climber, equipped with cube-shaped hand and foot grips, this structure facilitates expansive and exciting play, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive play experience for all.