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Buster Bulldozer Bouncer

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Buster Bulldozer Bouncer


Whether your playground boasts a theme or not, the Buster Bulldozer Fun Bounce makes for an exceptional addition. Catering to children aged two to five, this playground spring rider is cleverly shaped like a genuine bulldozer.

Beyond being a favorite playground feature, its design serves as an educational tool, helping children grasp the functions of various objects in their surroundings, such as machinery and vehicles. Emulating a bulldozer, complete with gears and scoops at the front, this spring rider sparks imaginative play, allowing children to envision themselves navigating a real piece of machinery and clearing their way through the playground.

Equipped with a robust, powder-coated coil spring and mounting plate, rest assured that this device is securely anchored in the ground, capable of withstanding outdoor elements. Installation options include direct mounting into concrete or using J-bolts to attach it firmly to the ground.