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Tire Swing Seat

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Tire Swing Seat


Experience the excitement and relaxation of tire swings, a captivating activity for children across various age groups that makes for an excellent addition to any commercial playground. The Tire Seat introduces a playful and intriguing twist to the typical swing, providing a fantastic way for youngsters to enhance both their cognitive and physical skills. Unlike traditional rubber tire swings, our version is crafted from durable plastic for extended longevity. Enjoy the benefits of the Tire Seat, including the development of gross motor skills and essential muscle strength. Swinging aids in sensory integration, leaving children more focused and eager to learn post-play. Choose from black and rainforest green options to seamlessly match this product with your new or existing site. Packaged with H shackles and an allen wrench, the Tire Seat guarantees a straightforward installation process. Elevate your swing experience, introducing this classic playtime favorite to your commercial or residential playground.